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Whether you need to follow a detailed recipe to make a healthy meal, a kitchen scale is a must in the kitchen. For this reason, Fakir has more to offer your kitchen with high-quality household appliances. The Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale can measure any item put on the scale. It can measure the weight and volume of many materials. It can let you read different values ??such as (g, oz, lb, water ml and milk ml). And to keep up with your modern kitchen needs, it offers many more features that we’ll talk about in a moment. Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale will provide you with a simple use and will allow you to see the values ??on the screen. Molly Digital Kitchen Scale: Simple and Effortless Operation When using the Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale, two main features provide you with ease of use. These are the two buttons, the mode button and the tare button on the front panel. The tare button lets you remove the bowl weight as you add and measure new items on the scale, and the mode button lets you switch between essential measurements of your content from liters to grams to ounces with just a tap. Both of these features are mostly used when following or creating a recipe. Each of these features will deliver results with just the touch of a button and help you keep up with challenging recipes. Easy Cleaning with Glass Surface Glass surface makes it easy to clean the Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale. Its design prevents any damage to the device from spills or spills. Protects the buttons on the panel. The glass surface is designed to prevent damage that may occur in daily use. Also, greasy fingers or messy experiments won’t affect the life of your kitchen scale. This design saves you time in cleaning and helps you keep it in good condition without much effort. Readable Values ??on LED Display Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale features the latest LED displays: It is equipped with a functional digital LED display to help you read values ??without having to bend over or approach to read values. Fakir’s Molly Digital Kitchen Scale has a 10 L food scaling capacity. This extra capacity will provide more room for large recipes and meals. Plus, the digital scale will help you plan larger meals to accommodate more people and more difficult recipes. The Molly Digital Kitchen Scale was not made just to keep track of recipes. You can create your meal plans and measure your calorie consumption. With the scale, you can measure the calories of seven different foods with a single click. How Should You Maintain Your Molly Digital Kitchen Scale? Fakir’s Molly Digital Kitchen Scale comes with 4 AAA 1.5 volt batteries with its innovative feature, automatic shut-off. If you are not using the kitchen scale, it automatically turns off its functions after a while. This feature saves you from having to change batteries frequently by reducing energy consumption and increasing battery life.

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